About Laura

I have been surrounded by art for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was Dutch and his family in Holland were all painters. My father was gifted as an artist later in years, as well as my mother, so I am fortunate to have been exposed at a young age, not only to painting, but music, literature and dance.

I am not a believer that talent is genetic. I think that the passion to create, regardless of genre or medium, comes from exposure and the experiences that we have with it. If there is a willingness to work hard and explore the unknowns, the possibilities are endless.

I began drawing as a teen and loved it, however, life and other aspects of it took precedence until about ten years ago. I had sketched in watercolor, for a while, but wanted a medium that was not so immediate, so I tried oils. I loved the ability to move the paint around and found it had a forgiveness that watercolor did not.

The process of creating is truly amazing. What I have learned about myself has been the greatest surprise. Art truly mimics life.

Being able to paint is such a gift. To try and recreate the beauty that surrounds us is so exciting and being able to share my attempts is wonderful.

I hope you enjoy!